News: Film deal for Outlaws Inc.


Well, it’s happened. An 18-month film option on Outlaws Inc has been bought by a major Hollywood production company, Thunder Road Pictures. Thunder Road are the outfit behind big noises like The Expendables, Clash of the Titans (above) and Ben Affleck’s The Town, as well as the new Jeff Bridges/Julianne Moore blockbuster Seventh Son. Boss Basil Iwanyk is apparently Hollywood’s most bankable producer. So, er, blimey.


As things progress, I’ll be working on the project as Consultant Scriptwriter. So it’s all pretty exciting. And it’s thanks in large part to my agent, Humfrey Hunter, and film/TV rights agent, Rebecca Watson at Valerie Hoskins Associates. (See, I’m doing the Oscar Speech Thing already.) Rebecca is the lady who represents Fifty Shades Of Grey, so the studios seemed to take her calls for some reason.


Now, where will we get all the Russian planes for the movie, cheap? Oh hang on, I know just the people


2 thoughts on “News: Film deal for Outlaws Inc.

  1. I jumped up and down punching the air when I heard this news Matt. I can’t wait to see it on the big screen! Am in awe of you Mister xx

  2. Blimey, well done! Does that mean it’s going to be recast as a fictional narrative? That sounds like a challenge.

    PS: as a Springsteen fanatic, I thoroughly approve of the name of the production company.

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