Do you know these men? Andrew Lahde and Colonel Millard Peck

I’m posting this here in the hope that someone has information on a couple of cold trails. I’ve been looking for more than a year, but they’ve disappeared off the face of the Earth. So here goes: one last attempt to track these guys down before I press send.

I’m desperately trying to find/contact vanished US ex-hedge fund boss Andrew Lahde & ex-US Army Col Millard ‘Mike’ Peck (he headed the Washington DC office in charge of locating and repatriating missing Vietnam vets through the 1980s) for a feature/book chapter deadline.

Any and all leads/contacts/current location/employer/associates/status clues appreciated… And please mention to any contacts who might know. Thanks! #JournoRequest

2 thoughts on “Do you know these men? Andrew Lahde and Colonel Millard Peck

  1. LTC Millard Peck was my battalion commander (2/28 Infantry Battalion, 8th Infantry Division) in Germany. I left about halfway through his tour in May 1983. Obviously a war hero, we all thought he had a loose screw. When I resigned, he called me in to talk…..convinced I was going to join the CIA.

    The only time I’ve seen him since was when he resigned in a very public way from his POW / MIA assignment. Saw him on the news.

  2. I know Millard “Mike” Peck.
    And I know Don Kemp! Don and I were lieutenants together assigned to the 2nd Battalion 28th Infantry (the Black Lions of Catigny). I think I remember Don as the Battalion Motor Officer (BMO). He was a good officer.

    COL Peck was the best Battalion Commandet that a young Lieutenant could ever want: a real-life war hero decorated w medals for his valor on the battlefield, a swashbuckler bachelor who drove fast sports cars and drank fine scotch whiskey. He was a living legend.

    I hope you find Colonel Peck. He was one hell of a good commander. Anybody who says otherwise is a putz. Sez me!

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