Do you know these men? Andrew Lahde and Colonel Millard Peck

I’m posting this here in the hope that someone has information on a couple of cold trails. I’ve been looking for more than a year, but they’ve disappeared off the face of the Earth. So here goes: one last attempt to track these guys down before I press send.

I’m desperately trying to find/contact vanished US ex-hedge fund boss Andrew Lahde & ex-US Army Col Millard ‘Mike’ Peck (he headed the Washington DC office in charge of locating and repatriating missing Vietnam vets through the 1980s) for a feature/book chapter deadline.

Any and all leads/contacts/current location/employer/associates/status clues appreciated… And please mention to any contacts who might know. Thanks! #JournoRequest

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  1. LTC Millard Peck was my battalion commander (2/28 Infantry Battalion, 8th Infantry Division) in Germany. I left about halfway through his tour in May 1983. Obviously a war hero, we all thought he had a loose screw. When I resigned, he called me in to talk…..convinced I was going to join the CIA.

    The only time I’ve seen him since was when he resigned in a very public way from his POW / MIA assignment. Saw him on the news.

  2. I know Millard “Mike” Peck.
    And I know Don Kemp! Don and I were lieutenants together assigned to the 2nd Battalion 28th Infantry (the Black Lions of Catigny). I think I remember Don as the Battalion Motor Officer (BMO). He was a good officer.

    COL Peck was the best Battalion Commandet that a young Lieutenant could ever want: a real-life war hero decorated w medals for his valor on the battlefield, a swashbuckler bachelor who drove fast sports cars and drank fine scotch whiskey. He was a living legend.

    I hope you find Colonel Peck. He was one hell of a good commander. Anybody who says otherwise is a putz. Sez me!

  3. Col Peck was my French Professor at West Point, he was a Major then. I would have followed him to hell and back given the chance. There was talk that he was the highest decorated junior officer (Lt or Cpt) of the Vietnam War who was put up for the Congressional Medal of Honor three times but denied the award because of the secretive nature of what he was doing and the govt did not want to publish such things. He was a Man’s man and we cadets certainly looked up to him.

  4. Don Kemp, Skip Davis Hello… …”Black Lions, Sir”! Long time coming. Long time Gone. As you will remember I was Mike Peck’s Junior Officer Present as he passed the standard to LTC Geofrey G. Prosch! I remember Colonel Prosch asking me if I was current in my professional reading and had I read W.E.B. Griffin’s The Brotherhood of War Series (U.S. Army) Book I, The Lieutenants (1982). I couldn’t help but smile and laugh a little, and say, “Sir, do you know Mike Peck?”. True story! Mike Peck certainly was an eccentric though an honest to goodness heroic figure. But of course he also had his flaws and some not very flattering or honorable. Still, when it came to the Army he certainly knew his stuff. I wonder what other’s like Parsons, Gady, Yother, Kreps would say? I later served in the Pentagon for quite a few years (As Army Staff, Joint Staff, and a Civilian) in Combat DeveIopments and people there remembered him respectfully. I imagine he knew what he was talking about concerning the MIAs.

  5. I was LTC Peck driver when he was the Battalion Commander of 2/28th Infantry Battalion. He was a great leader

  6. Hey, Don Kemp! What a blast from the past. My then husband (Tony Garcia) also served as a lieutenant under Mike Peck when he commanded the 2/28 in the early 80s. A good twenty+ years later, probably in 2004 or 2005, I ran into COL Peck in Borders Books at Bailey’s Crossroads in Falls Church, VA. IIRC, he was there looking for a Portuguese dictionary. He was very mysterious about what he was doing, but I gathered he had been spending a lot of time in Africa as a “contractor,” which I interpreted to be some flavor of mercenary (albeit at a high level). As an aside, while working at HQ USACE, I attended a Pentagon meeting only to be taken aback by the appearance of Mike Peck’s successor at 2/28, Geoff Prosch, who had a political appointment as, I think, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations and Housing). Does it surprise anybody to know that his job immediately prior to that was with Enron? Gah.

  7. I was in the 2/28 from 82 to 85. Col Peck was the best commander I ever knew. I remember Gady and Yother. Good lieutenants.

  8. Then MAJ Peck was the XO of 1st Bn, 505th PIR when I was a 1LT (1978). They don’t make soldiers like him anymore. I would follow him to hell. He was out there, but he was a sodier’s soldier and then some.

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