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23 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Where (or rather how) can I get a signed copy of your book?
    A brilliant read, (as truthful as allowable) as has been my experience as well, UN and charter work in Africa and Afghanistan.
    Regards from Australia.

  2. I’m a kids author, my recent book People’s Republic is the first in a fictionalised trilogy about the kind of smuggling operation detailed in Outlaws Inc.

    First off, I wish the book had been out when I was researching back in 2008 because it saved me a lot of work!

    Second, I have to read a lot of stuff when I’m researching my books. A lot of it is just churning through pages to get information, but Outlaws Inc was a great read and I’ll be recommending it to kids who want a real life but highly readable insight into the world depicted in my book People’s Republic.

  3. Hey Robert,
    Thanks so much for the kind words… and I’ve just spotted your tweet too! It’s always nice to get good feedback, but coming from a fellow author, well, you know how much sweeter it tastes. I’m really intrigued about People’s Republic too – I’m off to get my hands on a copy right now! Out of curiosity, what was the spark that led you to an interest in that world?

  4. Dear Gerrit,
    So sorry to only be responding to your very kind words about ‘Outlaws Inc’ on my website now – the whole comments thing got swallowed while I was trying a bit of DIY HTML, which (as my gran used to say) will learn me not to bugger about with it. It’s especially interesting as you seem to have a good idea yourself on what goes on out in the big empty spaces of Africa/Afghanistan! If you have a copy, it’ll be my pleasure to send over a signed note you can keep in it – if you don’t yet, I’ll figure out how Macmillan UK can supply the Aussie outlet of your choice with one for you to collect! Just let me know, and I’m on it. Best regards, and thanks again for the feedback! Matt

  5. Hi Matt, just finished reading Outlaws Inc. I’m afraid I’ll never look at my local gov’t corruption scandal the same way again. Excellent reporting. I’m sure I’m not the first to say so, but there’s a screenplay in your book. I’d buy a ticket to see it!
    Thank you

  6. Hey Matt: Do you plan to offer this book in the digitals version on the Apple Itunes site?

  7. Hi Sean, thanks for the question. It depends where you are. In the UK/Commonwealth, iTunes offers it as an iBook already. In the US, it’s going to be a little longer. What’s your email?

  8. Hey Matt,

    Just finished the book and enjoyed the insight into the crazy world of “Outlaws”. What next?

  9. Hi Matt,
    I just finished a Finnish version of your book. I really enjoy it, a great book. Luckily the cover of the book got my attention in shop.

    Not never been lucky enough to travel within Il-76, but among with An-12 has been one of favorite in soviet air transport.

    2005 I was one of those “tourists” who visit in Sharjah as you write in your book. After 9-11 security in most of Western airport went to extremes. To be able photograph and walk freely next to any of those great planes in Sharjah was unbelievable. Especially there was some really interesting stuff.
    I remember how crew of Belarus Il-76 could not quite believe what we were doing. They were not too happy about us and were glad to see how police approaching us.

    And it was priceless to see their faces when police officer – who happened to know my friend from he’s previous trips – just came to shake our hands and asking if everything was Ok :-)

    It shame that I made such trip only once. Then again I’m really happy that I did it before those planes and crews start to be “a problem” for authorities there. Imago problem I mean.

    Maybe I will be there again next fall, but I think it is not a same anymore…

  10. Dear Mr. Potter, I am still in the process of reading your book (German translation) and so far I got to the middle of it.
    Very interesting reading!

    While reading your book I stumbled over a report in one of the aviation-fora, where I am a comitted member of:
    In the course of that thread I did also point to your book, as this really fits.

    There it reports about a crash of an IL-76 in Brazzaville last Friday, 30th Nov. 2012.
    All occupants perished in the crash and my first thought was “Hopefully it wasn´t Mickey´s plane!”

    Thanks once more for your interesting insights, that should be a MUST-book for any aviator/aviation-enthusiast and as well for real forwarding-agents.

    Good success in all your future-ventures and always have your eyes not only in front of you, but also in the back…

    Kind regards,

    Andreas Damm

  11. Thought provoking book. It does raise questions, however. I was under the impression that one of the Western geostrategic objectives prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall was specifically to replace the Soviet Union with a new state called Russia, which was to have been hopefully (but unlikely) a more “benign” state. From that perspective, just getting the USSR to rename itself Russia and just getting the new Russian government to renounce atheism seems to have been a major Western PR objective. If that is the case, then it suggests Western complicity, as does the fact that the same planes which provide deniability to the GRU have been used by the CIA and military contractors for black ops, renditions and personnel transport. What is even more interesting is that, whereas the CIS is now getting paid for what was previously military aid, the USA and NATO are not getting reimbursed for military aid or for their wars in the Gap/Rimland. So where the USA is busting its budget, the Russian Republic is turning a profit.

    What do you think about this “coincidental” conjunction of Soviet and Western interests, in transforming the Soviet state? Do you see any possibility of collusion?

    Best Regards,

    Heath Wyld

  12. Hi Matt,

    My apologies for only replying to your kind offer now.
    If I can get that signed note for my copy of your book it would be great! Looking forward to your next book, when can I expect to see it in Australia? As you rightly noted I spent a large amount of time around these crews whilst repairing western aircraft for NGO’s and UN chartered agencies. We saw the good an the bad out there, just as you describe it. Again commendation on excellent work. Let me know if your ever in Aussie.
    Best regards
    Gerrit Gibbs

  13. Hi Matt! Thank You for writing your book! I used to be a Finnish, voluntary reserve soldier firefighter for ISAF multinational Kabul airport fire & rescue services(years 2004 and 2005). The book opened many things that I had wondered; like why the huge Antonov and IL-76 crews flied with planes that were in a really bad shape. And why they tired to land in extreme conditions and sometimes failed. I saw three accidents involved with russian planes. But the ex soviet pilots are good, really talented, even they are fatalists and reckless about their own lives. Once we had a visit inside IL-76 cockpit. We asked the Tadzik looking pilot, why the steering wheel and pedals had leather belts. The Tadzik pilot answered, that if the weather is really bad and the plane starts to make bad moves in the air (he showed the moves with his hands and tried to look scared), the other crew members will tie the pilot so that he cannot jump out the plane .o)
    Paul, ex Kabul airport firefighter

  14. I want to thank you for Outlaws. I have been arguing that common narratives do not work, but rather that anything that happens has to have a lot of people on board to make it happen. Thus conspiracy theories are more works of fiction, even poetry or myth, than any working description of how things get done.

    Covert operations merely consist of giving people the resources to do what they want to do anyway.

  15. Hi Matt,

    I saw your book “F*** You And Goodbye” mentioned in Psychologies Magazine (December 2013 issue), but I notice the hard copy is out of print through Amazon and the Book Depository.

    Can you let me know when it might be available again? Do you have any plans to release it as an audio book?

    Love the title! :o)


  16. I want to know how I may get a signed copy of your book? I live in the states and was hoping that you would sell them on this web sight. Just let me know how I can make this happen.
    Jeff Hooper

  17. thanks for your interview with anna maria this morning, it was great company as i was having breakfast.i was able to identify with it as i didn’t “quit” i retired very quietly and this was my moment as i turned and walked away.thanks again.

  18. Diana, I just saw this – my apologies. Thank you so much for your kind words! The book was listed in error as out of print (publisher entered the wrong date on the forms, I know…) but is out now. If it’s not available in Oz now, I’ll gladly see what my publisher can do to get a signed one to you. :-)

  19. Thanks so much for the note, Bryan – and for listening! That moment of walking quietly away having – how to put it – finished business I guess, can be quite something too, can’t it?

  20. Where or how can I purchase your book Fuck You &Goodbye in Canada. Great reviews, great interview but nowhere can I find this book to read on my iPad. ( while searching I read great reviews of Outlaws Inc. and have purchased this book from the iBook store so all is not lost.

    Stay well

    Robert Kjelsrud
    Horsefly Lake, B.C.

  21. I just heard you on the CBC in Canada. My husband and I stood around our kitchen radio smiling and nodding at each other listening to you.

    We lived in the UK with our three kids from odd time there politically.

    I am thinking of dozens of people who would love your book F**K You and Goodbye for Christmas and will definately be buying a copy for myself too.

    Well done!

  22. In about 2006 I had to take a couple of packages to go as freight on a commercial plane (from a central asian country) at Sharjah airport. I looked for security a few times, wondering where to stop my car to be checked – I gave up and just parked at the hanger – seemed strange but now it makes a bit more sense…

    Having been mainly in the ME but through central asia and africa a bit as well I heard some things, saw some things, drank vodka with a pilot a few hours before he flew aid to sudan… all interesting anecdotes. But Outlaws inc in a plethora of interest.

    A brilliant book and what a journey it must have been to write it!

  23. Any way to get the Outlaws Inc Audiobook in Australia? It isn’t available on iTunes or Audible.

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