WEEKEND FREEBIE: Stream a sample of the new Outlaws Inc. audiobook


Thanks to the lovely people at Audible.com in the States, you can stream an extract of the new Outlaws Inc. audiobook here, for a limited period.


The book is read – which, I suppose means I’m played – by Jeff Kafer, a Seattle-born voice actor and veteran narrator and voiceover artist. And he does a really great job with my mad sentences. I almost forgot it wasn’t me speaking with that West Coast drawl. I hope you enjoy it.


Stream by clicking the green ‘Play’ button here.


New audiobook edition out now

Audible have just issued a new, unabridged audiobook of Outlaws Inc. It’s narrated by Seattle actor and voice artist Jeff Kafer, and while it’s potentially a little weird to have my voice suddenly become that of a West Coast American, let’s face it, it’s probably for the best. You know, all due apologies to Slough, Bucks and all that.

New Bloomsbury USA catalogue showcases Outlaws Inc

The new 2011 Catalogue from Bloomsbury USA showcases Outlaws Inc. Alongside the likes of A.C.Grayling, William Boyd and Harold Jacobson, you’ll find Matt’s full-page profile on page 47… accompanied by a pic from the book of Matt relaxing in Kabul, Afghanistan, after a high-stakes brush with the ex-Soviet airmen now forming the core of the biggest underground smuggling network the world has ever seen.It’s this network, and Matt’s adventures within it, that’s at the heart of the book. To read more, you can download the full PDF of the Bloomsbury USA catalogue here

Bloomsbury USA 2011 Catalogue


US edition of Outlaws Inc finalised

The American cover of Outlaws Inc was unveiled on Amazon today. It features ammunition of the type transported by the book’s maverick pilot protagonist, a former Soviet Red Army grunt I’ve called Yuri – but whose real name(s), identity, even appearance and moves I’ve agreed will remain secret to protect both him and me. He makes his living trafficking looted and grey-market ammo, aid, drugs, even black-ops forces, to warzones, rebel strongholds and pirate ships. It’s a nasty job. It’s a dark cover.

Outlaws inc (US edition)

Outlaws inc (US edition)